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Adventure Activities In Statue Of Unity

Planning a small trip to the statue of unity? Well, it’s a superb plan to pay for your holidays, however, you need to recognize what else you’ll do besides visiting the statue to feature additional fun and excitement. There are important adventure activities in Statue of Unity that you must bear in mind to complete your trip.


Ekta Nagar has hundreds of Kesuda trees, additionally called the ‘Flame of the Forest’. Call it Kesuda, Palash, Khakaro, or Kishuka (in Sanskrit), the bewitching splendor of its vibrant orange plants in the course of the Spring is a charming sight. Tourists can now experience the splendor of Kesuda via the ‘Kesuda Tour’ at Ekta Nagar. Visitors to Ekta Nagar can take the Kesuda Tour via bus accompanied with the aid of using hiking and a serving of delectable Kesuda tea. Visitors may even purchase a few Kesuda products. Three routes of three to four kms were mainly evolved for this tour.

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River rafting at Statue of Unity

Narmada, the biggest west-flowing river withinside the country, and the lifeline of tens of thousands and thousands have now ushered withinside the interesting enjoy for the journey fans who can now revel in river rafting for 5 km. stretch with whirlpools, rapids, and lots of turns which offer thrilling and unforgettable rafting enjoy for the first time in Gujarat.

Activities In Statue Of Unity

Couple Cycling

The Butterfly Garden at Valley of Flowers amidst the Vindhyas and Satpura ranges, alongside the banks of Narmada, makes it an appealing spot to realize the collection of those flying jewels. The lawn harbors extra than eighty species of butterflies. The lawn will cowl 6 acres of place with one hundred fifty species of flowers and 38 species of butterflies

Activities In Statue Of Unity

Zarvani Waterfall

Zarvani, situated amidst the Satpuda mountain range, is a popular spot among tourists and nature lovers from Gujarat. It flourishes to its full grandeur in monsoon when the waterfall attracts lots of tourists. Zarvani village is situated near the Narmada dam in Narmada District and is a part of the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary which has been declared an Eco-tourism site. There is an Adventure Park near the falls for thrill-seekers and some of the activities here include – Climbing wall,  Rappelling wall, Two-way zip line, Free jump device.

Zarvani Eco-Tourism & Adventure Zone

Sardar Sarovar Nauka Vihar

The Sardar Sarovar Dam is a gravity dam at the Narmada river close to Navagam, Gujarat in India. For Indian states, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, and Rajasthan, get hold of water and power furnished from the dam.

Sardar Sarovar Nauka Vihar (Boating)

Panchmuli Lake

In addition to the viewpoints at Sardar-Sarovar Dam, visit Panchmuli Lake to connect with nature. Boasting calm waters flanked by the rugged Vindhya mountain range, Panchmuli Lake offers a scenic and tranquil experience to all visitors.

Activities In Statue Of Unity

Shoolpaneshwar Temple

You can visit the temple to seek blessings from the deity that protects the entire Shoolpaneshwar Forest and Conservation Area. Or to get away from the crowd and enjoy a moment of peace in nature.

Shoolpaneshwar Temple


Devsatra Hill Fort

It is best to visit early in the morning during the monsoon and winter and leave before sunset. You must also bring adequate food and water and be fit enough to walk for 2-4 hours in each direction to the top of the hill and back down.

Devsatra Hill Fort

Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

A perfect place for hiking, trekking, and even picnics. It is best to visit early in the morning during the monsoon and winter and leave before sunset.

Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

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