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Essential motorcycle riding gears and bike accessories for the Ladakh bike trip

I have visited Leh-Ladkah from my home town Vadodara, it was around 6000 kms round trip jorney. it was incredibale trip for me and life time experiance. i will share you the rout plan and budget for Ladakh bike trip later on for now i’m sharing you the list of essential motorcycle riding gears and bike accessories for my trip.
Hopefully below checklist will useful to you for your dream trip !
1. Helmet with face cover
Steelbird Full Face with Clear Visor
2. Hand Gloves
3.Riding Jackets
Venom Burnout All-Season Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket Level 2
Rynox Urban X Jacket (Camo Blue)
4.Elbow & Knee Guard
Alloy Steel Elbow Guard Knee Guard Shin Protector for Bikers Riders
5.Saddlebags :
Get this Biking Stormproof Saddlebags. Easy access top-loading main compartment with Roll top mechanism.
6.Tank Bag :
Rynox Tankbag
Mini 18L Magnetic Tank Bag with Rain Cover
7.Other useful items to consider
  • Backpack
  • UV Protection Sunglasses:
  • Power Bank
  • Adventure Camera & Helmet Mount
  • Safety Shoes / Waterproof riding shoes
  • Riding Pants- if you have budget

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