Tesla's board takes extra heat over Elon musk

Tesla’s board of directors is going through mounting pressure to show simply how organized they may be for the potential loss of elon musk, 

the chief government officer in large part behind the breakneck rise and dramatic fall within the employer’s valuation.

Elon Musk lately has become the first man ever to lose $2 hundred billion of the internet well-worth — and his sale of almost $40 billion of tesla stocks amid months of impulsive tweeting has aggrieved numerous tesla buyers.

“As the new owner of one of the largest social media networks globally, Musk has no excuse for this move,” said Antoine Argouges, Tulipshare’s founder and CEO. “Instead, Tesla chose to do the bare minimum.”

“I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for the activists’ complaints,” said Jill Fisch, a University of Pennsylvania professor who teaches corporate-law classes.

Karen róbertsdóttir has submitted a resolution for tesla traders to vote in May also on whether or not the board needs to prepare and preserve a key-person chance document